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We are here to take another burden off your shoulders. A very important activity but time-consuming and hectic, particularly due to the involvement of withholding income tax and other regulatory deductions.

Payroll services could be conveniently outsourced to free up resources to focus on other important areas. Our payroll services would cover all facets of the area including:

  • Obtaining national tax number for employees that are not registered with tax authorities;
  • Performing tax computations for employees as per the applicable taxation laws
  • Performing computations of other regulatory or company specific deductions such as provident fund etc.
  • Preparing payroll for the employees on the basis of employment contract, company policies and information provided by the management;
  • Preparing monthly payroll pay slips and send to employees.
  • Maintain records of monthly deduction and remittance of withholding tax.
  • Send a copy of monthly payroll for the Company‚Äôs records.

We assure you of complete dedication and professionalism in our work along with 100% confidentiality of personal records.

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