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No wonder, the position of the CFO has become a backbone of any organisation over the last few years. From a mere book-keeper to a strategic advisor and partner, the role has evolved significantly.

Now, what would happen if CFO of your Company has to take leaves on an emergency basis? Or is offered a better job and leaves? It is well understood that this strategic important position cannot be kept empty for long. Also, regular changes in the position are also not good for the Organisation and have a demoralizing effect on the all-important finance department.

We offer solutions to all the problems faced. Whether you wish to fully replace the CFO position with our firm or hire us for some interim period, we are happy to assist you.

Benefits of outsourcing the CFO position to us

A CFO with a range of qualifications and experience might be difficult to find and, if found, would be very expensive. We have a good force of finance professionals consisting of Certified Chartered Accountants, MBAs, and other qualifications, with multiple years’ of experience working for numerous companies. This all would be available at your disposal for a very reasonable fee;

  • Our firm would not take any sick or other leaves
  • We would not be a burden on your long term payroll through retirement benefits etc
Financial Analysis

Our CFO Service is a massive package that will cover each and every area of the strategic level financial side of the business and aid in decision making through:

Managerial accounting decisions including review, analysis to aid with decisions leading to improvements in costing, pricing, production, and purchase policies;

Review of monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly management reports to aid important and benefiting business decisions

Proper working capital management by keeping adequate controls over cash flow management through preparation and review of annual budgeted cash flow, weekly reviews and updating thereon and monitoring of cash conversion cycle.

  • Financial analysis including ratio, trend, and comparative analysis;
  • KPIs setting, monitoring, analysing, assessing and reporting thereon;
  • Identification, designing and implementation of strong controls through adequate policies and procedures;
  • Review and reporting on applicable regulatory compliances.
  • We assure you of complete dedication and professionalism in our work along with 100% confidentiality of Company records.

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